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Regular Hours

  • Monday - Thursday10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Friday - Saturday10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Sunday11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Thursday, Jul. 410:00 AM-5:00 PM4th of July


Service Desk and Shake Bar Attendant

Gold's Gym


* $14.50/hour starting wage PLUS TIPS at shake bar, $14.50 to $16/hour at service desk, part time and/or full time available
* Complimentary Gold’s Gym Membership


* Greet all members and guests upon entry in a courteous and friendly manner. It is paramount that every member or guest receives outstanding customer service.

* Follow gym policies and procedures in a professional manner.

* Recognize the needs of each person and be able to assist with check ins, agreements, guest services, and visitors. The term, “it’s not my job” is not in our verbiage.

* Be sensitive and understanding when troubleshooting problem accounts, recognizing that we are a customer service industry.

* Be friendly and bring your smile to work.

* Report to work on time in the approved staff uniform.

* Answer the phone using the scripted greeting provided.

* Be knowledgeable about the gym and able to multi-task.

* Be responsible for cash/credit card drawers.

* Be informed, knowledgeable, and able to sell all programs, services, or events offered within the facility.

* Be a team player who is willing to contribute thoughts and ideas for managment to consider thay might improve workflows, procedures, systems, etc. Your input matters!

* Be able to provide accurate information on events either sponsored by or held in the club.

* Stay up-to-date by reading management emails, attending training sessions, and reading the “Pass-on Book” (a log of current events, program offerings and news regarding the club). This should be done at the start of each shift.

* Transfer membership and sales inquiries to the Member Service Advisors in a professional and courteous manner.

* Maintain a clean and clutter-free service desk. Ensure all folders and paperwork are stored away or kept tidy and organized.

* Leave the Service Desk organized and ready for the next shift.



* Greet all members and guests in a courteous and friendly manner at the shake bar.

* Be knowledgeable of all food product offerings (e.g. protein bars) and able to assist members in their choices. Training and education is provided to field member queries on products such as shakes, protein bars, etc.

* Be able to educate members on the benefits and use of recovery and meal replacement shakes. Training is provided for this purpose.

* Be responsible for cash/credit card drawer.

* Be able to provide accurate information and assist in selling products.

* Follow all recipes accurately in the making of shake bar products.

* Sell products and upgrades accurately and with integrity.

* Work off of a checklist in-between sales and servicing members.

* Submit a completed Shake Bar checklist to your manager at the end of each shift.

* Relay vital information to your manager regarding product and supply shortages.

* Keep a clean, organized workstation and report any issues to your manager.

* Leave the workstation prepped and ready for the next shift.

* Maintain a sparkling clean and functional shake area.


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